12 Key Automotive Branch & Business Center KPI Strategies

As the reorganization of almost everything automotive domestic occurs wholesale field operations must follow.As marching orders flow downhill, many OEM field office executives and managers are finding themselves in a somewhat rudderless environment. Oh course the pressure for dealer sales will never end. But, just how to set up the new regional and district personnel, processes and structure coming down the road for each field office for some is still a mystery for some.In preparation for a more comprehensive direction from the home office many managers are thinking about or working on the following strategies to be ready for the inevitable quick start as corporate directions disseminate.Proven strategies that have worked for some include;1. Facilitate Organizational Analysis of factors that affect branch dealer account managers, branch managers and service representatives… environmental impediments to multi-delivery.Identify sales and service process tasks, activities that do not add value or contribute to the achievement of dealer performance objectives.2. Document a Branch Process and Flow Chart Analysis for all sales and service duties/tasks, decisions, information needed, communications, and personnel job functions. Core competency analysis areas could include relationship management, investment management, transaction processing, financial engineering, teleservices, risk management, customer information capture, etc. Compare process and flow chart information with OEM dealer F&I multi-delivery process analysis… for gaps and disconnects.3. Facilitate the Multi-Delivery Change/Improvement Process by mapping the sales and service process from root cause, critical success factors, competitive advantages, and benchmark targets (internal/external) through synthesis, revision and implementation.4. Develop a Personnel Abilities Test (personality, motivation, and core skills) and assessment measurement instrument (factor analysis) for all branch sales/service personnel. We recommend this instrument be used simultaneously for hiring, training, and personnel multi-delivery assignment decisions by branches.5. Determine and measure the difference between what wholesale employees are expected to do and what they are actually doing regarding complete F&I product sales and service duties… a Needs Analysis for the new startup (new positions/functions) and diagnostic (likely causes for startup performance problems).Identify gaps and barriers in meeting sales and service skills, standards (problem solving, dealer process understanding, objectives reporting, dealer sales and service relations, etc.), and knowledge.6. Facilitate “Team” Sales and Service Performance Standards. Overall, these meetings will assist; responsibility delegation, information sharing, group consensus building, and set up a performance appraisal system and accountability reviews to meet new multi-delivery challenges… reinforce the branch cycle of multi-delivery improvements through increases in commitment, coordination, and competence.7. Facilitate “Team” Sales and Service Performance Improvement and Evaluations. After standards are confirmed this diagnostic monitor will; – Stabilize and evaluate the performance of each team, – Determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, – Outline critical success factors and the characteristics of each teams competitive advantages as they relate to their achievement to sales and service tasks, – Determine relative accountability of each team member.8. Prepare Training Recommendations for all branch sales and service personnel and management that include specific content need areas.9. Propose a national Performance Recognition Communications program that acknowledges aggregate performance measures of success, for selected service and sales personnel and teams.10. Key Account Market Measures Analysis – Establish and identify multi-delivery baseline sales volume and market features and benefits, strength or weakness criteria and probable branch product sales conquest strategies for dealers in various stages of Ford customer involvement.12. Identify and compare branch sales & service continuous improvement objectives, process and measures of performance against dealer and corporate performance criteria.With reorganization many domestic manufacturers are now in a position to do it right without the same inventory and cost pressures that existed before public investment became a reality.Ask the author for a complete strategy review.